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Fit Fans | Make the exercise metres count

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Welcome to week 2 of our online delivery for Fit Fans. Over a period of 10 weeks, we are going to be tallying up the metre in the form of walking, running, sprinting, swimming, rowing, cycling, jumping or any other form of locomotion as we aim to travel Around the World Leicester Tigers style!

The Earth’s equatorial circumference is:

24,901 miles

40,075.017 kilometres

40,075,017 metres

But don’t worry, you’re not expected to do it all on your own! This is part of a team effort in the Leicester Tigers Around the World Challenge featuring any members of the #TigersFamily and also representatives from Tigers’ Global Partner Clubs across the world.

This week’s Fit Fans information will give you an idea of the speed and distance that you can travel through different forms of exercise. 

As we have found ourselves, having to work from home and potentially investing in exercise equipment in order to reach or maintain our goals, we thought this may be of use. For example, this is useful if you have a turbo trainer so you can use a normal bike as a stationary exercise one.

Note these are all estimates and can be used if you don’t have access to smart apps/devices.

Some other useful information to note if you want to record as accurately as you can for your own goals:

Fit Fans Week 2

Distance converter

1 mile = 1.61km or 1,609m

1km = 0.62miles or 1,000m

1m = 0.00062miles or 0.001km

Calculating distance travelled on an indoor bike

Measure the circumference of your tyre

Count your revolutions for a minute (RPM)

Circumference x RPM = distance travelled per minute

For example: Tyre circumference 61cm (24in) x 70 RPM = 4,270cm = 42.7m per minute / 30min session = 1,281m

Calculating distance on rowing machine

Indoor rowers tend to give a measure of 5-7 metres per stroke, dependent on your height and power input.
So let’s say we can use 6 metres per stroke, therefore you need to know your strokes per minute (SPM) to work out your distance.

For example: 30spm x 6m = 180m / 20min session = 3,600m

Tigers staff are joining the Around the World Challenge and we would love for you to help us try to raise some funds for our charity, The Leicester Tigers Foundation

All proceeds received will be distributed go towards supporting the Leicester Tigers Foundation’s social inclusion projects. Our aim of £10,000 will allow for 100 days of delivery from our designated tutors who work tirelessly to change the lives of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in our area.

Everyone’s input will be calculated each week using the Strava club app (simply download Strava and search for Leicester Tigers Foundation in Clubs) with the goal of travelling a virtual global tour over the duration of the 10 weeks.

If you are reading this from further afield, then you can join one of our Global Partners’ Strava clubs and join the race to see who will be crowned the LTF Around The World Challenge champions.

We will share an exercise session with you each week which will be designed to accumulate a certain amount of distance with three options of difficulty for you to participate in and challenge yourself.

You can also download weekly logsheets that we will require you to fill in and send back or share on social media every week, so we can accumulate our tally.

You can share your Fit Fans efforts with us on Twitter or Instagram using #TigersFitFans