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Well-Being | More ideas to create FitFans session

FitFans is a Leicester Tigers initiative designed to get supporters of all ages active, organised in 10-week blocks and available online wherever you are.

After a lengthy lockdown, you may be starting to exhaust exercise ideas at home, or looking at new creative ways to do something different. This is another area where FitFans can help.

We’ll post sessions, idea and information on the Tigers website every Tuesday morning, aiming to inspire you with options to complete or create your own sessions.

You can follow the programme on your own or with a training partner. You can even form a ‘virtual’ group online using Zoom or similar, as the Tigers community team have done with students at Brooksby Melton College.

The first 10-week block of FitFans sessions is still available too with exercise and nutritional advice. Click here for all of the links.

So here we go again, with a game of Higher or Lower which allows you to create your own FitFans session.

Play Your Cards Right: How it works

You’ll need a deck of cards and please check the Rules below before you get started.

Turn over the top card, then simply guess whether the next card will be ‘Higher’ or ‘Lower’

If correct, move on and deal the next card

If incorrect, complete exercises associated with colour of card and to the number shown by the card

  • BLACK = Press-ups (or variant)
  • RED = Squat (or variant)

Complete for the deck of 52 cards as quickly as possible!

Finish with the “End Game


  • Exercises must be completed before moving on to next card.
  • Same card = incorrect, there’s nothing for a pair in this game!
  • Ace is high.
  • Value of card = number of reps to complete
    2-10 as card shows, Jack 11, Queen 12, King 13, Ace 14

For example

Shuffle a pack of playing cards and turn over the first one.

In our example, it shows 9 of Clubs.

card 9

Guess ‘Higher’ or ‘Lower

The next card is the 4 of Hearts.

card 4
  • If you said ‘Lower’ you move to next card, no exercise to complete.
  • If you went ‘Higher’ you have 4 (the value of the card) press-ups (for a red card) to complete.
  • Now guess ‘Higher’ or ‘Lower’ again before you turn over the next card and continue through the deck.

Then try this one: End Game

  • After you’ve completed a full deck of cards, reshuffle and place 10 cards face down.
  • Rather than press-ups and sit-ups for black and red cards, this time make the exercises more challenging. For example, chest-to-floor burpees or pancakes (drop to the floor on to your chest, roll on to back, back to chest, stand up).
  • Turn the first card over and play ‘Higher or Lower’ as before.

Share your sessions and the time it took you to complete along with other ideas by tagging us on your preferred social media platform with the; #TigersFamily #FitFans